Iowa Moving: Prevent Broken or Ruined Furniture in Your Move

Moving furniture in Iowa can be a frustrating, complex process. Beyond finding a company that will execute the task at a reasonable cost, one has to worry about the furniture breaking or being damaged en route. After the furniture reaches its destination, it is often difficult to maneuver items into the new space. Doorways and floor layouts can cause problems with moving furniture into your new home. If precautions are not taken ahead of time, expensive pieces can become damaged or ruined. Whether relocating to another community or another state, handling furniture is one of the most frustrating aspects of moving.

Furniture disassembly and reassembly is an exciting, fresh approach for results-oriented individuals. In this specialty service, trained professionals divide larger items into small, convenient units. Disassemblers exercise caution and care during this critical process. After delivery, the furniture is moved into place and reassembled by skilled professionals.

This convenient service is rapidly gaining traction throughout Iowa and across the nation. Here at Dr. Sofa, we can provide this service to virtually any type of furniture. From sofas and recliners, to armoires and bookshelves, we can handle it all. We are proud to help Iowans save themselves enormous amounts of time and aggravation. Since smaller items are easier to move without incurring injury or damaging property, we save our customers money as well. Moving is never an easy process but furniture disassembly and reassembly specialists can ease the difficulties of these transitions. If you or someone you know is moving in the near future, this exciting service could make a real difference in your life.


What Can I Do With My Old Chair?

Chair reupholstry by Dr Sofa

Furniture upholstery services NYC are a great way to bring new life to your old sofas and chairs. It doesn’t matter what size, type of fabric or even which reupholstery materials you have in mind, because you can turn your old furniture into new furniture with professional upholstery services quickly and affordable. Finding the most high quality services without spending a fortune can seem like a complicated process because there are so many different NYC furniture services to choose from. When you choose Dr.Sofa, you can trust that you’ll get professionals with years of experience that can reupholster your furniture for a fraction of the cost of many other services or even buying new items.

Sofas don’t deserve to be tossed out or sold simply because they don’t match décor or they are starting to show their age. You shouldn’t spend thousands of dollars outfitting your home with new furniture when a simple reupholstery will do the trick. Consider how much you could save on your investment and how many more great years you can get from your furniture by simply having it restored or reupholstered instead of completely replacing it with new pieces. Our trained furniture surgeons will work with you to choose upholstery fabrics or upholstery leathers and then will get to work turning your old sofa into a brand new piece that you can continue to love for years to come.

Chair reupholstry by Dr Sofa

Furniture is not cheap, and with upholstery services in NYC at your beck and call, you should never have to feel like buying new furniture is the only solution for your decorating or repair and restoration needs. Whether you need upholstery for couch repair or just because it no longer matches your design scheme in your home, you can count on to provide with everything that you need and more. Whether it’s leather or fabrics, you can choose from a variety of new styles, colors, and designs in your reupholstery projects, no matter what you are looking for. Even if you want the same fabric or leather on your sofa because the current one is torn, worn or aged, we can do that as well.

When you don’t want to buy new furniture or you can’t afford to, consider upholstery services NYC. can turn your old furniture into brand new for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new furniture and give you many more useful years out of the pieces that you have in your home.

How Can Leather Revival, Repair and Restoration Help My Sofa?

Couch Repair by Dr Sofa

If your leather furniture no longer cleans up, the finish is peeling or the color has faded, you are a prime candidate for our leather revival services. This is a 21st Century developed complex process giving excellent results. also repairs damage such as cuts, tears, scuffs, burns and other minor damage. In addition to those services, pet damage is our specialty.

Leather furniture is normally long lasting and very practical. However, if it is ivory and you have three children and a cat or dog, you now have the option of’s  innovative leather revival and restoration processes or general leather furniture repair for worst case scenarios!

Couch Repair by Dr Sofa

Regular cleanings can help extend the life of fabrics and leathers,, but after a while the dirt gets into the grain. Leather can also become discolored from dye-transfer by clothing or scatter cushions. We have developed a leather revival process which our technicians use to bring back the original finish and beauty.

Below is a BEFORE photo of a cushion from a leather couch that came to our workshop for repair. As you can see in the first photo, there are a series of scuffs running across the front of this leather seat cushion. Notice also that the color has started to fade and is peeling off.

The second photo shows the leather cushion AFTER our procedure. As you can see, the repair is virtually invisible.

Our revival techniques were utilized to repair and re-dye the leather.

Come in to Dr.Sofa where we have the knowledge, expertise and high skill levels demanded for this special process.

Couch Repair by Dr Sofa

Couch Slouch Repair and Restoration

Furniture Repair from

Furniture Repair from

Is your favorite couch old and worn down? Do you have a favorite-spot-on-the-couch-slouch? Did it get damaged during a move? No matter what you need, can provide a variety of furniture repair and restoration services to suit your needs in the areas surrounding NYC. From broken legs, scratched surfaces, torn fabrics or cracked leathers, we can repair and restore sofas, couches and chairs of all sizes and styles. Couch repair services are not hard to find in the NYC and tri-state area, but finding the best services for the most affordable prices can be time consuming. Count on our couch repair professionals to give you high quality restoration and repair services.

Furniture Repair from

Furniture Repair from

With years of dedicated experience, the professionals at know how to handle and couch slouch repair and restoration projects. You can get high-quality results with affordable prices, no matter the amount of work you need done. If you have been hanging on to an old couch that has seen better days because of emotional attachment, don’t toss it out and spend hundreds of dollars replacing it. Instead, utilize our NYC furniture repair and restoration services and get a brand new couch for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture.

In some instances, furniture truly is old and worn enough that it warrants replacement. However, in many cases, people can restore and repair their sofas and other furniture and get many more useful years out of them.

Furniture Repair from

Furniture Repair from

When you need couch repair services, you might not be sure what to look or ask for. Fortunately, the professionals at Dr. Sofa will take the time to work with you and figure out a solution that is best for your specific needs. From simple repairs to complete restoration and reupholstering services, our couch repair specialists will take care of your every need. There is never a job that is too big or too small, and we can do just about anything that you need done when it comes to furniture repair and restoration.

NYC furniture repair services are not all created equal. Why spend more for less when you can spend less at Dr. Sofa and get so much more? There are so many ways that your furniture can be renewed, repaired, and reused that you shouldn’t have to throw it away for many, many years. If you’re in need of couch repair or other furniture services, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Furniture Repair from

Furniture Repair from

Why Should I Use a Furniture Repair Company to Move My Couch?

So you just got a new place, and are moving between residences. Congrats! While you are planning your new spiffy space, consider your current pieces–like that big sofa you have over there. Did you know that many couches are made up of complex components that must be carefully and painstakingly taken apart to move it from one location to another? Especially if the doors are small or there are lots of stairs and no elevator. At, we are well aware of how incredibly stressful moving can be–and how tricky the inside of your sofa really is! Our workers are skilled in the art of furniture assembly and will be able to complete the process quickly and efficiently. Each and every furniture piece will be handled delicately and professionally at all times.

But My Sofa is Special!

There is no sofa type we cannot handle. We can assist with sectional sofas, Chesterfield sofas, leather couches, oversized armchairs and more. Elegant and expensive furniture items are especially vulnerable to damage when they are not dismantled before they are moved. A gorgeous and costly couch can be ruined in seconds when handled improperly or dropped due to lack of experience. We’ve got the smarts, tools and equipment to complete the required tasks. With our help, couches and chairs will reach their final destinations in perfect condition. sofa moving and repair

Isn’t Hiring a Company Kind of Inconvenient?

Some people think that hiring a furniture repair company to help them dissasembly and reassemble their furniture is time consuming. After all, can’t they just do it themselves? When people attempt to move couches without breaking them down into smaller parts, they will soon run into problems. They will likely be thwarted by spiral staircases, narrow halls and awkward doorways. Rather than straining their backs as they hopelessly try to maneuver a leather sofa into the new living room, they can call Dr. Sofa for assistance.

With help from a company filled with furniture repair experts, families can complete any move without stressing or worrying about their furniture. By avoiding the backbreaking labor that so often accompanies the process, individuals can concentrate on other tasks–like picking out new paint colors to match that hideous welcoming gift your co workers gave you.