Iowa Moving: Prevent Broken or Ruined Furniture in Your Move

Moving furniture in Iowa can be a frustrating, complex process. Beyond finding a company that will execute the task at a reasonable cost, one has to worry about the furniture breaking or being damaged en route. After the furniture reaches its destination, it is often difficult to maneuver items into the new space. Doorways and floor layouts can cause problems with moving furniture into your new home. If precautions are not taken ahead of time, expensive pieces can become damaged or ruined. Whether relocating to another community or another state, handling furniture is one of the most frustrating aspects of moving.

Furniture disassembly and reassembly is an exciting, fresh approach for results-oriented individuals. In this specialty service, trained professionals divide larger items into small, convenient units. Disassemblers exercise caution and care during this critical process. After delivery, the furniture is moved into place and reassembled by skilled professionals.

This convenient service is rapidly gaining traction throughout Iowa and across the nation. Here at Dr. Sofa, we can provide this service to virtually any type of furniture. From sofas and recliners, to armoires and bookshelves, we can handle it all. We are proud to help Iowans save themselves enormous amounts of time and aggravation. Since smaller items are easier to move without incurring injury or damaging property, we save our customers money as well. Moving is never an easy process but furniture disassembly and reassembly specialists can ease the difficulties of these transitions. If you or someone you know is moving in the near future, this exciting service could make a real difference in your life.


Helping You Disassemble and Move Your Furniture in Washington DC

Furniture Assembly in Washington DC

Furniture Assembly in Washington DC

In this modern economy, people move often to pursue new jobs and opportunities. Naturally, moving furniture is one of the most difficult steps in the moving process. In Washington DC, people often struggle to move larger pieces like bookshelves and full-sized couches simply due to the hustle bustle of city life. I’m sure you’re aware that injuries involving large furniture pieces are often sudden and devastating. Not to mention the sheer frustration of trying to wedge furniture through maddeningly cramped hallways. It only takes a few dents or scratches to turn a beautiful furniture piece into a run-of-the-mill eyesore.

Knowing these dilemmas firsthand, we often wish more people took advantage of furniture disassembly and reassembly. In this amazing process, our expert technicians carefully divide furniture into smaller units for easy transport. Our professionals are skilled to make reassembled furniture look as good as new.

Furniture disassembly is a high-skill endeavor that requires artisanal dedication. Not just any amateur can take a saw to a couch and expect presentable end results. Once you’ve seen the picture-perfect nature of professionally reassembled furniture, you’ll likely be as excited about this service as we are. As reassemblers showcase their trade in Washington DC and around the nation, they are changing preconceived notions about the difficulties of moving. By taming the most difficult part of moving, furniture disassemblers provide people with more certainty and greater peace of mind.

In Washington DC, is the premiere provider of furniture disassembly and reassembly. With on-site access to packing and transportation services, Dr. Sofa provides a streamlined solution for moving large furniture. Thanks to furniture disassembly, you can let taste guide your furniture purchases, and not logistics.

Who Can Help Make My Move Easier in Connecticut?

DrSofa Helps Movers in Connecticut

While it’s a good bit smaller than New York, Connecticut is actually the fourth most densely populated state in the country.  Like much of the central New England region, the residents here usually call smaller apartments or houses home, and as a result moving in new furniture can be difficult. On the flip side, it can be just as difficult to move out of your current place and in to another–especially when you are trying to make a huge couch fit down a tiny corridor.  That’s why the disassembly and reassembly of furniture is such a commonly utilized option.  From tricky corridors, to tiny door frames, to just a plain lack of energy–there are plenty of reasons to hire a professional to help you with the task of moving your furniture. . has been offering furniture disassembly and reassembly to the Tri-State area for more than a decade, and while we’re based in the NYC area we certainly don’t mind traveling to Connecticut, Rhode Island, and throughout the South Central New England Region.  That’s because we know that there aren’t that many out there offering these services with the same level of excellence that we provide.  We want our customers to be satisfied, and we don’t want to see you trust your prized possessions to an inferior company.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us when you’re in need of our services.  We’re available 24/7 and whether you’re in Rhode Island, Connecticut or anywhere else in the South Central New England region we will take the time to get to you as quickly as we can.  We even offer emergency services, so if you end up buying a new piece of furniture but can’t get it into your apartment without disassembly and reassembly of it, you don’t have to spend too long with your item sitting on the showroom floor.

Due to the small size of Connecticut and Rhode Island, most in the area live in condos, duplexes, apartment buildings, co-ops, high rises, or small houses, making moving difficult.  If you’re trying to make your furniture fit down a narrow hallway or up a tight flight of stairs but are doing more harm to the item than you are good, consider giving us a call at 1-888-837-7632.  Our service is efficient and effective, and it may very well surprise you when you see just what we can do for you.

New York Moving: The City That Never Sleeps

DrSofa couch disassembly services

More than eight million people call New York City home, making it the largest city in the country.  It’s also among the most diverse city and is a melting pot of cultures and people.  But no matter who you are or where in the city you live – be it Queens, the Bronx or the East & West Village, there are likely to be some similarities between you and your fellow New Yorkers.  One will likely be a difficulty when trying to move large pieces of furniture into or out of your home.  In many cases, disassembly and reassembly will be the only way to make it fit.

With so many people living in New York, many people struggle with making furniture fit into their home–whether they moved or it a new piece they just purchased. The issue arises from the small apartments, narrow stairs and oddly angled door frames.  As a result, residents of NYC have some of the most legendarily brutal moves possible.  Whether you’re battling a tiny hallway, a narrow door, or a dreaded staircase that makes it impossible to get your furniture in and out, disassembly and reassembly can solve the problem for you and get you moved.

New York City Furniture Disassembly and Take Apart Services

DrSofa couch disassembly services

The process works the same whether you’re moving to the East & West Village or to Queens.  It starts with disassembly.  In the case of sofas, which are one of the most problematic items for those in New York, the upholstery will be removed and the item will be disassembled piece by piece.  For wooden furniture like china cabinets or antique dressers, the item will simply be taken apart in a careful, diligent manner.  The smaller pieces will fit through any door or up any staircase, and in most cases are small and light enough to be moved by a single person.

Once that all the pieces are in their proper home, reassembly begins.  Your furniture is put back together carefully and if it is a sofa, it will be reupholstered.  The process sounds simple, but in truth it’s only really possible when you have the skill and experience needed to do a quality job.  All of our team members have been performing this service in NYC and the surrounding area for years, and we have more than a decade of experience in helping our clients make their furniture fit into places they thought impossible.  No East & West Village apartment is too small and no item is too large for us to help you with. Plus, we have someone available for your call 24/7 with emergency moving services, so in the city that never sleeps–neither do the hard working professionals at

Couch Slouch Repair and Restoration

Furniture Repair from

Furniture Repair from

Is your favorite couch old and worn down? Do you have a favorite-spot-on-the-couch-slouch? Did it get damaged during a move? No matter what you need, can provide a variety of furniture repair and restoration services to suit your needs in the areas surrounding NYC. From broken legs, scratched surfaces, torn fabrics or cracked leathers, we can repair and restore sofas, couches and chairs of all sizes and styles. Couch repair services are not hard to find in the NYC and tri-state area, but finding the best services for the most affordable prices can be time consuming. Count on our couch repair professionals to give you high quality restoration and repair services.

Furniture Repair from

Furniture Repair from

With years of dedicated experience, the professionals at know how to handle and couch slouch repair and restoration projects. You can get high-quality results with affordable prices, no matter the amount of work you need done. If you have been hanging on to an old couch that has seen better days because of emotional attachment, don’t toss it out and spend hundreds of dollars replacing it. Instead, utilize our NYC furniture repair and restoration services and get a brand new couch for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture.

In some instances, furniture truly is old and worn enough that it warrants replacement. However, in many cases, people can restore and repair their sofas and other furniture and get many more useful years out of them.

Furniture Repair from

Furniture Repair from

When you need couch repair services, you might not be sure what to look or ask for. Fortunately, the professionals at Dr. Sofa will take the time to work with you and figure out a solution that is best for your specific needs. From simple repairs to complete restoration and reupholstering services, our couch repair specialists will take care of your every need. There is never a job that is too big or too small, and we can do just about anything that you need done when it comes to furniture repair and restoration.

NYC furniture repair services are not all created equal. Why spend more for less when you can spend less at Dr. Sofa and get so much more? There are so many ways that your furniture can be renewed, repaired, and reused that you shouldn’t have to throw it away for many, many years. If you’re in need of couch repair or other furniture services, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Furniture Repair from

Furniture Repair from

Can I Safely Take Apart My Wall Unit?

Wall Unit from

Wall Unit from

Many people use wall units to contain books, pictures and other small items. As attractive as these pieces are, they usually consist of several smaller components making them difficult to assemble. Because the units often hold so many items, it’s important to assemble them correctly so they do not present a hazard in the future.

Professional Wall Unit Assembly

Even if you buy a wall unit that is already assembled, you may have difficulty fitting it through your door and placing it in the right spot in your home or apartment. In addition, if you move, you will have to disassemble and reassemble the entire wall unit, and this process can be a frustrating experience. However, you can avoid the hassle and frustration of dealing with furniture moving or assembly by getting help from the experts at Dr Sofa.

At Dr Sofa, we specialize in assembling wall units and other pieces of furniture so that you can avoid the trouble of dealing with it yourself. When you purchase a new wall unit, we’ll help you find the right spot for it and have it assembled as soon as possible. You can also call for assistance if you’re just moving your furniture around or having trouble getting the unit to fit in the right place.

If you’re moving, we can assist with getting your furniture safely transported and set up correctly in your new home. Whether you need to have your wall unit assembled or reassembled, contact us for a free quote today.

How Will I Ever Get This Couch Out of My Home?

Find couch disassembly services in NYC from

Find couch disassembly services in NYC from

Sometimes a piece of furniture simply will not fit through a doorway, leaving you to wonder, “How will I ever get this couch out of my home?” Moving furniture is enough of a hassle without worrying about size and shapes of doorways, stairwells and vehicles. Many people give up on their current furniture and and decide to leave it, trash it or buy newer, smaller pieces. Fortunately, a more convenient and affordable solution is available via furniture disassembly. It’s possible to safely disassemble most couches, pool tables, beds and other furniture–and we are here to help. can take a variety of furniture items apart before you move them, move them safely and quickly for you and then reassemble them in your new place–without worrying about doorways, stairwells or vehicles. We know the right techniques to disassemble various types of beds, sofas, tables, dressers and more. One of our experts will carefully reassemble the furniture after you have finished moving it to a new location. To save time and prevent damage, it’s always best to hire a professional.

We have over a decade of furniture disassembly experience in the New York City area. Our staff uses the most efficient methods to take apart complex items, such as platform beds and Murphy beds or even pool tables. We know that some components are easier to reattach than others and take all precautions necessary to assure proper reassembly. When we put furniture back together, it looks and functions as well as it did in the first place.

Please give a call if you have an armoire, sofa or other item that requires disassembly. We’ll answer any questions you may have and provide a free estimate of the cost. If you decide to use our service, a staff member will travel to your location as quickly as possible. We can reassemble furniture during the same service call or return after it has been moved.

Why Should I Use a Furniture Repair Company to Move My Couch?

So you just got a new place, and are moving between residences. Congrats! While you are planning your new spiffy space, consider your current pieces–like that big sofa you have over there. Did you know that many couches are made up of complex components that must be carefully and painstakingly taken apart to move it from one location to another? Especially if the doors are small or there are lots of stairs and no elevator. At, we are well aware of how incredibly stressful moving can be–and how tricky the inside of your sofa really is! Our workers are skilled in the art of furniture assembly and will be able to complete the process quickly and efficiently. Each and every furniture piece will be handled delicately and professionally at all times.

But My Sofa is Special!

There is no sofa type we cannot handle. We can assist with sectional sofas, Chesterfield sofas, leather couches, oversized armchairs and more. Elegant and expensive furniture items are especially vulnerable to damage when they are not dismantled before they are moved. A gorgeous and costly couch can be ruined in seconds when handled improperly or dropped due to lack of experience. We’ve got the smarts, tools and equipment to complete the required tasks. With our help, couches and chairs will reach their final destinations in perfect condition. sofa moving and repair

Isn’t Hiring a Company Kind of Inconvenient?

Some people think that hiring a furniture repair company to help them dissasembly and reassemble their furniture is time consuming. After all, can’t they just do it themselves? When people attempt to move couches without breaking them down into smaller parts, they will soon run into problems. They will likely be thwarted by spiral staircases, narrow halls and awkward doorways. Rather than straining their backs as they hopelessly try to maneuver a leather sofa into the new living room, they can call Dr. Sofa for assistance.

With help from a company filled with furniture repair experts, families can complete any move without stressing or worrying about their furniture. By avoiding the backbreaking labor that so often accompanies the process, individuals can concentrate on other tasks–like picking out new paint colors to match that hideous welcoming gift your co workers gave you.