Sofa Too Big to Fit in NYC apartments?

Sofa too big? Dismantling is the answer. You’re moving and the brownstone has narrow doors and stairwells.  Can’ fit the couch out. You imagine how you could possibly take apart that intricate wall unit, better yet, how will you get it back together?  A Murphy beds seemed like a super space saving idea, is it possible to knock down the unit? You’ll have to try and align that couch with “precision” and to the “perfect position” to get it through and usually damage occurs!

Have you speculated if your couch, armoire, or bed can be taken apart and assembled identically? Of course it can, and dismantling is the answer. “The Furniture Surgeon” is here to help! We can make dreams come true and problems go away.

Dr. Sofa® has no limits. We offer expertise service and guarantee that we can take apart your furniture and place it together the same was as before or even better.  Our well trained technicians skillfully knock down your furniture, including putting it back together. We will give you the best possible dismantling service, no ruckus and no surprised pricing.  If we can’t break it down it no one can. Guaranteed! We at Dr. Sofa® appreciate the value of your furniture.

Dr. Sofa’s® knock down services are implicitly seamless; not one piece of furniture should be compromised and should maintain its integrity or current worth. Dr. Sofa® is the answer to a most puzzling problem: Placing your couch where you’d like. As insignificant as it may sound, sometimes we buy furniture that frankly does not fit. Take apart, break down, knock down, dismantling, disassemble are necessary.  There is no reason to sell or replace the couch, wall unit, table or bed you love or desire.

We specialize in fitting furniture in your homes. Our service provides skillful knock down, take apart, disassembly, dismantling and of course reassembly.  Assembly sustains the prowess that can bring about the difference between solid and durable furniture and the anguish of teeter-tottering taken apart sofas.

Our services include disassembly and reassembly for the following:

  • Sofas (including daybeds, sofa-beds)     Take Apart
  • Wall units Knock Down
  • Entertainment centers Dismantling
  • Armoires Disassembly
  • Pool tables Disassemble
  • Beds (including cribs, bunk beds, & Murphy beds)
  • Office furniture (cubicles, desks, work-areas)

sofa disassembly


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