Helping You Disassemble and Move Your Furniture in Washington DC

Furniture Assembly in Washington DC

Furniture Assembly in Washington DC

In this modern economy, people move often to pursue new jobs and opportunities. Naturally, moving furniture is one of the most difficult steps in the moving process. In Washington DC, people often struggle to move larger pieces like bookshelves and full-sized couches simply due to the hustle bustle of city life. I’m sure you’re aware that injuries involving large furniture pieces are often sudden and devastating. Not to mention the sheer frustration of trying to wedge furniture through maddeningly cramped hallways. It only takes a few dents or scratches to turn a beautiful furniture piece into a run-of-the-mill eyesore.

Knowing these dilemmas firsthand, we often wish more people took advantage of furniture disassembly and reassembly. In this amazing process, our expert technicians carefully divide furniture into smaller units for easy transport. Our professionals are skilled to make reassembled furniture look as good as new.

Furniture disassembly is a high-skill endeavor that requires artisanal dedication. Not just any amateur can take a saw to a couch and expect presentable end results. Once you’ve seen the picture-perfect nature of professionally reassembled furniture, you’ll likely be as excited about this service as we are. As reassemblers showcase their trade in Washington DC and around the nation, they are changing preconceived notions about the difficulties of moving. By taming the most difficult part of moving, furniture disassemblers provide people with more certainty and greater peace of mind.

In Washington DC, is the premiere provider of furniture disassembly and reassembly. With on-site access to packing and transportation services, Dr. Sofa provides a streamlined solution for moving large furniture. Thanks to furniture disassembly, you can let taste guide your furniture purchases, and not logistics.


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