New York Moving: The City That Never Sleeps

DrSofa couch disassembly services

More than eight million people call New York City home, making it the largest city in the country.  It’s also among the most diverse city and is a melting pot of cultures and people.  But no matter who you are or where in the city you live – be it Queens, the Bronx or the East & West Village, there are likely to be some similarities between you and your fellow New Yorkers.  One will likely be a difficulty when trying to move large pieces of furniture into or out of your home.  In many cases, disassembly and reassembly will be the only way to make it fit.

With so many people living in New York, many people struggle with making furniture fit into their home–whether they moved or it a new piece they just purchased. The issue arises from the small apartments, narrow stairs and oddly angled door frames.  As a result, residents of NYC have some of the most legendarily brutal moves possible.  Whether you’re battling a tiny hallway, a narrow door, or a dreaded staircase that makes it impossible to get your furniture in and out, disassembly and reassembly can solve the problem for you and get you moved.

New York City Furniture Disassembly and Take Apart Services

DrSofa couch disassembly services

The process works the same whether you’re moving to the East & West Village or to Queens.  It starts with disassembly.  In the case of sofas, which are one of the most problematic items for those in New York, the upholstery will be removed and the item will be disassembled piece by piece.  For wooden furniture like china cabinets or antique dressers, the item will simply be taken apart in a careful, diligent manner.  The smaller pieces will fit through any door or up any staircase, and in most cases are small and light enough to be moved by a single person.

Once that all the pieces are in their proper home, reassembly begins.  Your furniture is put back together carefully and if it is a sofa, it will be reupholstered.  The process sounds simple, but in truth it’s only really possible when you have the skill and experience needed to do a quality job.  All of our team members have been performing this service in NYC and the surrounding area for years, and we have more than a decade of experience in helping our clients make their furniture fit into places they thought impossible.  No East & West Village apartment is too small and no item is too large for us to help you with. Plus, we have someone available for your call 24/7 with emergency moving services, so in the city that never sleeps–neither do the hard working professionals at


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