How Can Leather Revival, Repair and Restoration Help My Sofa?

Couch Repair by Dr Sofa

If your leather furniture no longer cleans up, the finish is peeling or the color has faded, you are a prime candidate for our leather revival services. This is a 21st Century developed complex process giving excellent results. also repairs damage such as cuts, tears, scuffs, burns and other minor damage. In addition to those services, pet damage is our specialty.

Leather furniture is normally long lasting and very practical. However, if it is ivory and you have three children and a cat or dog, you now have the option of’s  innovative leather revival and restoration processes or general leather furniture repair for worst case scenarios!

Couch Repair by Dr Sofa

Regular cleanings can help extend the life of fabrics and leathers,, but after a while the dirt gets into the grain. Leather can also become discolored from dye-transfer by clothing or scatter cushions. We have developed a leather revival process which our technicians use to bring back the original finish and beauty.

Below is a BEFORE photo of a cushion from a leather couch that came to our workshop for repair. As you can see in the first photo, there are a series of scuffs running across the front of this leather seat cushion. Notice also that the color has started to fade and is peeling off.

The second photo shows the leather cushion AFTER our procedure. As you can see, the repair is virtually invisible.

Our revival techniques were utilized to repair and re-dye the leather.

Come in to Dr.Sofa where we have the knowledge, expertise and high skill levels demanded for this special process.

Couch Repair by Dr Sofa


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