How Will I Ever Get This Couch Out of My Home?

Find couch disassembly services in NYC from

Find couch disassembly services in NYC from

Sometimes a piece of furniture simply will not fit through a doorway, leaving you to wonder, “How will I ever get this couch out of my home?” Moving furniture is enough of a hassle without worrying about size and shapes of doorways, stairwells and vehicles. Many people give up on their current furniture and and decide to leave it, trash it or buy newer, smaller pieces. Fortunately, a more convenient and affordable solution is available via furniture disassembly. It’s possible to safely disassemble most couches, pool tables, beds and other furniture–and we are here to help. can take a variety of furniture items apart before you move them, move them safely and quickly for you and then reassemble them in your new place–without worrying about doorways, stairwells or vehicles. We know the right techniques to disassemble various types of beds, sofas, tables, dressers and more. One of our experts will carefully reassemble the furniture after you have finished moving it to a new location. To save time and prevent damage, it’s always best to hire a professional.

We have over a decade of furniture disassembly experience in the New York City area. Our staff uses the most efficient methods to take apart complex items, such as platform beds and Murphy beds or even pool tables. We know that some components are easier to reattach than others and take all precautions necessary to assure proper reassembly. When we put furniture back together, it looks and functions as well as it did in the first place.

Please give a call if you have an armoire, sofa or other item that requires disassembly. We’ll answer any questions you may have and provide a free estimate of the cost. If you decide to use our service, a staff member will travel to your location as quickly as possible. We can reassemble furniture during the same service call or return after it has been moved.


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