Why Should I Use a Furniture Repair Company to Move My Couch?


So you just got a new place, and are moving between residences. Congrats! While you are planning your new spiffy space, consider your current pieces–like that big sofa you have over there. Did you know that many couches are made up of complex components that must be carefully and painstakingly taken apart to move it from one location to another? Especially if the doors are small or there are lots of stairs and no elevator. At DrSofa.com, we are well aware of how incredibly stressful moving can be–and how tricky the inside of your sofa really is! Our workers are skilled in the art of furniture assembly and will be able to complete the process quickly and efficiently. Each and every furniture piece will be handled delicately and professionally at all times.

But My Sofa is Special!

There is no sofa type we cannot handle. We can assist with sectional sofas, Chesterfield sofas, leather couches, oversized armchairs and more. Elegant and expensive furniture items are especially vulnerable to damage when they are not dismantled before they are moved. A gorgeous and costly couch can be ruined in seconds when handled improperly or dropped due to lack of experience. We’ve got the smarts, tools and equipment to complete the required tasks. With our help, couches and chairs will reach their final destinations in perfect condition.

DrSofa.com sofa moving and repair

Isn’t Hiring a Company Kind of Inconvenient?

Some people think that hiring a furniture repair company to help them dissasembly and reassemble their furniture is time consuming. After all, can’t they just do it themselves? When people attempt to move couches without breaking them down into smaller parts, they will soon run into problems. They will likely be thwarted by spiral staircases, narrow halls and awkward doorways. Rather than straining their backs as they hopelessly try to maneuver a leather sofa into the new living room, they can call Dr. Sofa for assistance.

With help from a company filled with furniture repair experts, families can complete any move without stressing or worrying about their furniture. By avoiding the backbreaking labor that so often accompanies the process, individuals can concentrate on other tasks–like picking out new paint colors to match that hideous welcoming gift your co workers gave you.


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